Which Performs Better Essay Grammar Check

Students and professionals nowadays rely on proofreading service providers to perform essay grammar check. Essay editing can be done using software like the spell-checker in most word processing programs. Other people hire professional editors to check their written work.

But which one is better when it comes to essay grammar check?

1. Proofreading Service Expertise

A real person performing essay grammar check can understand the nuances of the written language. When essay editing is performed, it is important that the one doing it understands fully the whole thought behind the essay.

While essay grammar check software are programmed to follow the set rules of grammar, it does not have the capability to understand the thought behind an essay the way an editor from a proofreading service can.

Software treats all types of written work the same way and it will simply follow the guidelines programmed in it when doing essay grammar check. It performs proofreading service on a technical report the same way it would with an essay or a novel.

Proofreading service providers, meanwhile, have a roster of personnel who can do essay grammar check for specific types of written work.

Fields of Essay Editing

  • Dissertation
  • School report (intermediate/collegiate)
  • Thesis
  • Essays
  • Other written requirements such as business proposals, curriculum vitae, etc.

2. Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the key to proofreading service and essay editing. A real person looking at your work can understand what needs to be adjusted and can change the sequence of paragraphs to make the essay more coherent—which is why you ask for essay editing in the first place.

Advanced essay grammar check software are also capable of providing suggestions on how to make sentences and paragraph read better. However, it is limited to checking the coherence of sentences within a paragraph and cannot check the relationship of a paragraph to the whole story. A software is only as good as its programming and cannot provide a thorough proofreading service.

3. Cost

Both manual and software proofreading service has its cost. Of course, you can run the spell-checker in your word processor at no extra fee. However, it will not be able to detect a correctly spelled but incorrectly used word in a sentence.

Manual essay editing definitely requires you to pay professional fee. This can be disadvantageous to students who are in limited budget but wants to have their essay grammar check. However, the benefit of getting a real person to perform essay editing or proofreading service is well worth the expense.

There are essay grammar check software that charge monthly subscription fee. While it is good to have it readily available when you need to perform essay editing, you have to fork out cash monthly regardless if you use the software or not. Still, it is good to have a software that charges you the same amount monthly regardless of the number of proofreading service it performs.

4. Questions and Clarifications

You definitely cannot ask a software why it suggested the changes it did when it performed essay grammar check. If you are not adept with the rules of grammar, you will definitely never understand why such changes were made.

An editor from a proofreading service provider, on the other hand, can help clarify your queries about the changes made during the essay editing. He or she can explain to you why changes were made during the essay grammar check. In the process, you are able to increase your knowledge about syntax, grammar rules, and other aspects of writing.

Regardless what you choose, the question remains: “How good can it perform essay grammar check?”

I guess the grade you receive on your paper will answer that question!