Concentration: Nothing Is Impossible

Ok, I`ll just read/post/update/do/ this and then I will study. No, there is a bad atmosphere here. I need to switch to the music and make myself a cup of tea. And change clothes. Oh, I have a new e-mail. Who can it be?

It is almost impossible to concentrate when so many things are happening around you simultaneously: you friend from Japan keeps posting photos, your favorite blogger is telling about his diving experience, a new graphic novel or an episode of your favorite sitcom you waited for so long is released today.
One more thing and then I will study. And after 5 hours you realize that your paper has nothing but a title. Buddhist monks knew how helpful concentration may be, but they could not even imagine that it could become a vital skill in the era of the Internet. Especially for those, who want to get a diploma some day. So, here are the things that you urgently need to do to concentrate:

7 steps to get great concentration!

1. Find a private place with no one to distract you every five minutes. Seriously. People should study and work in their own private space. Your room is OK when you are alone. Library is perfect. Your favorite café is optimal. They say that hustle and bustle of a café can actually enhance concentration.

2. Find a perfect time. Some people can take on the world early in the morning others are more productive at night. Determine the time you can spend on studies.

3. Optimize your working environment. Technology is principle distractor. So, get rid of all the distracting information on your computer. Delete all the useless bookmarks. Close Skype. And choose music that will help you concentrate.

4. Prioritize tasks and create a to-do list. Do more complicated things first and only then go on with easier stuff. Don`t start your next task before you complete your previous. Don`t get discouraged if some task requires more time than it was supposed to.

5. Motivate yourself. Some goals look unachievable. But all is possible with the right motivation. Promise yourself a good movie or a nice new notepad once you are through.

6. Take breaks. One of the most successful Smartphone applications for time management Pomodoro offers 20 minutes of work and 10 minutes of break. 10 Pomodoros a day for a year, and you can even write a novel!

7. The best piece of advice for those who need to do something: do it. Yes, right now.

Meditation = Concentration
And learn to meditate. Scientists claim that it is a natural way to improve your concentration. According to Zen masters` saying: “You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day unless you are too busy… Then you should sit for an hour.”

Unity of time, place, and action

To create a classic play (like that of Shakespeare or Shaw) three unities must be preserved: unity of action, unity of time, and unity of place. To make oneself study, a person should also stick to these unities: find a good location, set time limits, and act while encouraging oneself step by step.

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