Overcoming Major Issues in Essay Writing

References issues

There are many questions, which students can have to make their own essay. The main issue that is quite important for the writing is the proper choice of the sources for the essay. There are articles, which should include your personal opinion on the subject. However, most essays are written to get some degree or even some progress in the academic career. You should write your essay based on knowledge of other contributors.

Resources comprehension

A Proper understanding of some other resources and their paraphrasing is quite a good task for the student. Instructors encourage to use the resources of other authors.

Getting good grades

There are many guidelines how to write a paper with good references and get a good grade. To succeed, you should understand the main principles of the resources choice.

Wikipedia as a source of ideas

Firstly, many students address the Wikipedia, right. This site can provide some insights on the topic. There are some information sources that can be used. However, teachers will never allow to use the Wikipedia. Furthermore, citing some articles in you essay, you should avoid the Wikipedia references to get a high final grade.

Kind of resources

Secondly, one should understand what kind of sources are good for the tutors. Some tutors prefer journals. Others prefer internet resources (except the Wikipedia, of course).

Primary, secondary sources

Thirdly, there are primary and secondary resources. Without a clear understanding of their nature and using then in your paper, you can expect some extra difficulties. Furthermore, teachers should indicate how many resources you should use. If they don’t do that, it is your responsibility to clear up the quantity of them. Creation of a good essay depends on a clear understanding of the instructions and their following.

  • Having found the good source, you should not copy everything. You find and use only necessary information.
  • Take notes, main features from the source and avoid milk and water. Many students can misuse the word count using the useless data. However, you should have the ability to find only important info and get it in your paper.

Following all these recommendations can help you succeed in writing a good essay.

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