Brainstorming in Essay Writing

There are many ways to start your essay. Some people prefer to wait for inspiration to come and miss deadlines. Then they get decreased marks and a reputation of the absent-minded student. It is truly bad perspective, isn’t it? However, there is a solution to this problem. One can start with the important part before the actual writing of the essay that is helping to start and to get ideas.

The main way to do that is brainstorming. It should be done strictly after developing of the thesis statement. One should take the side on the debates to support some idea or to be against it, as, for instance, argumentative essays requires strong argumentation to support some claim.

Creating core ideas

Brainstorming here is the creation of the ground ideas, which will serve as the foundation for the whole paper. Furthermore, during the brainstorming one can develop the great ideas, which will be used in the paper. Having ideas in mind and thinking of the essay is not enough for the actual writing, one can keep them in mind just for the time of submission without even one stroke of the essay written. So, brainstorming is the time to get the ideas in the written form.

Making brainstorming

At this point, you should spend a few minutes brainstorming about your thesis and writing down any and all ideas that may relate.  There is no need to edit these ideas as they come; instead, simply write them all down and you can then edit and group them when you are done.

Thesis statement and brainstorming

At the stage of brainstorming, you should think of a thesis statement, get the strict position and remember all ideas, which were the basis for the taking the side in thesis. Never think of the ideas, which are coming, it will be the next stage of the brainstorming, firstly, one should just write them to process them after this process.

Brainstorming is not the processing of the ideas. It will be actual writing. Brainstorming requires getting many ideas that are coming to your mind and writing them on a piece of paper. They will serve as the cornerstones of your further essay.

Creating an outline at the last stage

Having the list of ideas, you can even ease the task by getting the ideas together to make a comprehensive outline. It will be even more effective than brainstorming as it helps with the actual writing.

For example, let’s say that you are writing an essay about how to become a better essay writer (great topic, by the way).   You have created this working thesis: To become a better essay writer, a college student should learn the basic steps in the essay development.  Now that you have this thesis, your job is to decide what the basic steps in essay development are.

Again, you probably have an idea, but spend a few minutes coming up with as many ideas as possible by simply listing them on a piece of paper.  Then, once you have a comprehensive list, evaluate the list and decide which of the ideas is the most important and how some of them can be grouped together.

Once you have a list that has been evaluated and organized, you can put that list together into a more comprehensive outline.  Doing it will help you prevent getting stuck during the actual writing phase.

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