What Are These Millennials Like?

Have you heard that the age of Generation X is over, and it is Millennials who rule the world now? Yes, the rumors are true. All those who were born after 1980 and before 2000, like most modern students, are called Millennials, but sociologists claim that it is a mindset, not the age group that makes them different. They are special, and you obviously belong to this new generation Y as well. Millennials are different from their parents and grandparents in many aspects as they were born in the era when the Internet has substituted everything creating a brighter, faster and more saturated life.

What do Millennials do differently?

Think if these characteristics are applicable to you:

  • Millennials are those people who want to unite socially and globally. That is why they have so many friends from other countries on Facebook. Millennials do not see racial or national limitations for making friends and falling in love.
  • Millennials are much more liberal and open-minded. Many things that shocked their parents would seem OK for Millennials. Like the adoption of children in Cambodia or changing one`s gender. Why not, after all?
  • Millennials are real explorers. If their parents tended to choose safe and approved tourist destinations, they adore exploring the world. That is why surfing in Vietnam or visiting friends in St. Petersburg, Russia, is as normal for them as much as going to their favorite lake for their parents.
  • Millennials are always connected. They are digitally native in other words. It takes seconds for them to embrace new technologies and new platforms. They are absolute adepts of social networks. That is why, they have profiles in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LastFm, GoodRedas and are in numerous communities simultaneously.
  • They choose to buy online. It means that they know how to look for the best options, how to make the best bargains, and how to stop visiting shopping malls eventually. They know all about online services and are feel lucky to use them. Most experts claim that it will reshape the economy in several years.
  • They often choose to work online. It seems that numerous professions that appeared a decade ago were created just for Millennials: marketing specialists, bloggers, programmers, designers… Why going to the office if you can work in your pyjamas? But for those who still prefer an office environment, life-work balance becomes a crucial moment.
  • Millennials can become really narcissistic. Surprise, surprise. Obviously, it is the other side of the medal of non-stop Internet connectedness. Sometimes it becomes so difficult to differentiate between real life and life online that Millennials forget to relax when going to the beach and just keep taking photos and posting them to social networks.
  • Millennials are not in a hurry with relationships. People of previous generations got married before 25 and by the age of 30 usually had a couple of kids. Millennials take their time to choose the right partner and rarely get married before 30. Wise decision, isn`t it?
  • Millennials prefer “life for rent” to saving money for their perfect houses or cars. For many young people under 30, a property is a synonym to a burden. That is why Millennials prefer to “share things”. It increases opportunities and gives additional mobility: rent a car in Chicago- but then move to Toronto for work.

A nice company, isn`t it?

So, Milliennials are a new type of people, who feel freer in the world, act more spontaneously, and think more creatively. They do not see internal obstacles when thinking about life. As it was said by Ian Somerhalder, a popular actor: “They don`t want to read the news anymore. They want to know what they can do about it”. And Millennials actually want to change the world: make it more connected, open, and beautiful. Don`t worry, you are in a good company!


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